Sundowners is a term used to identify a member of either club Forms Two Clubs In One

The Sundowners, Inc. had its beginnings in Lee County, Florida in November 1965.  The seven original members formed a flying club for the usual reason… to share expenses.  Because they were also boaters, they decided to provide a needed community service of a boat search  patrol along one hundred twenty miles of Lee County coastline.  The club’s first patrols were flown in leased aircraft.

The Sundown Patrol of Lee County, Inc. was formed when the pilots’ club needed additional help observing.  The observers’ group comprises the majority of The Sundown Patrol.  Our aircraft are still provided by Sundowners, Inc., the original pilots club.


Sundowners Inc. (The Pilots Club) a not for profit organization.

Keep Current

Learn to Fly

Obtain New Ratings

Super Well Maintained Aircraft

Go Places, See Things

The Sundown Patrol of Lee County (The Observers Club) a non-profit organization.

Provide A Community Service

Enjoy The View While On Patrol

Participate In Club Activities

Meet With Other Aviation Enthusiasts

Sundowners Inc. Sundown Patrol

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